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Hourly as Directed Limo Service

Our hourly as directed limo service is the ideal way to travel throughout the Miami Beach area. Whether you need this service as a onetime event or on a regular basis, we can help you with everything you need. When you choose this service we will have our driver come to your location and pick you up in a luxury limo. From there, you can let them know where you need to go and they will drive you there right away.

Since this is an hourly service, you can have the driver drop you off at your destination and be done with the service, or they can wait for you and then take you to your next step. This is our most flexible limo service and allows you to travel as long as needed without having to have a planned itinerary ahead of time.

Why Use Hourly Limo Service

Many people will use this type of service when visiting the Miami area so they don’t need to rent a normal car or figure out transportation. Having our limo there to take you where you need to go is a very convenient solution to all your transportation needs. Whether you need a ride to the airport, to a business meeting, to the grocery store or anywhere else, we are here to help.

This is an especially great service for times when you know you will need to be traveling throughout the Miami area, but you don’t have a set order things need to be done. If you hire our limo service for a full day, for example, you can get in the limo anytime and let the driver know where to go. Since our drivers have lots of experience driving throughout the Miami area (and beyond) we will almost always know the best way to get you where you need to go. We also have GPS systems available to help with directions, or our main office can look up things like traffic conditions to ensure you are getting where you need to go efficiently.

Any Length of Time

Another big benefit to our hourly as directed limo service is that it can be for as long or as short a time as needed. Some of our customers will request this service for a full day or even several days in a row. Other times people just need a couple hours of the service at a time. Whatever it is you need, we are here for you. This makes it ideal for both business and personal needs.

Contact Us

If you would like to schedule a hourly as directed limo service, please give us a call at 305-799-0303. Our customer service professionals will speak with you about exactly what you need and make all the arrangements for you. We can discuss things like when you’ll need the service, how many people will be traveling and what type of limousine you desire. If you need a limo in Miami, please make sure to call us right away.

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